LORNA DOOM (Colored Pencil and Ink on Drawing Paper)

David del Valle; known as SlimyboyDave, is an American artist, fashion designer, photographer, short film maker and writer from Miami. Growing up in the Miami Beach scene and traveling to Europe yearly introduced him to many works of art and music. Slimyboydave’s main influences are as follows; 80’s Post Punk Fashion, Andy Warhol, Bat Cave Era Goth, David Bowie, Garbage Pail Kids, Horror Films, Japanese Kawaii, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Klaus Nomi and New Romanticism. When it comes to street fashion, Dave hand draws all his designs on paper using bright colors and mixing cute/macabre and even disgusting images. This is to give the impression similar to skulls and cotton candy! Both women’s spaghetti strap tanks and men’s shirts are victim to this twisted and yummy fashion line. New original paintings are always available and waiting for a new home, apartment, club, lounge, office or even your bathroom. Make sure that your toilet is pink and glittery! So if you are looking for an original retromantic canvas or a portrait like a beautiful Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe; SlimyboyDave has it. Dave studied VFX at MIU and Fine Arts at FIU in Miami. He has won numerous awards related to his work and can be spotted trick or treating after midnight in the streets of MIAMI. Dave is a children’s, women’s and animal rights activist who lives a Straight Edge lifestyle.

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